So, its lovely having all the old drum machines, but how ON EARTH do you keep them in sync? Some speak MIDI clock, some DIN sync, the CR-78 just understands 48 pulse-per-quarter-note triggers… nightmare. I didn’t want to use the computer to chop anything up, or to re-clock any of the loops, as I just don’t like editing that much.

Enter the Innerclock Systems Sync Gen II Pro. Its just an unbelievable bit of gear – a dream machine – made by a great guy in Australia called David Lackey. I literally couldn’t believe it existed when I found out about it. This little box of magic takes the tempo from the MacBook Pro and locks all the vintage drum machines to it. They all play their internal patterns that have been programmed, but everything stays in sync beautifully. Life would have been a nightmare otherwise. In fact, I would go so far as to say this album just would not have been possible in its current form without the Sync Gen Pro. I’ve written a blog post about how to get started with it in Logic.

Absolutely ace piece of kit!