BOOM! That about sums it up. A beautiful old machine that just has a vibe all of its own. It’s an absolute classic, and rightly so. The 80s just wouldn’t have been the 80s without it. It’s all over so many hit records – so many it’s impossible to list them… but you’d know the sound if you heard it but don’t recognise the name.

Steve: “I bought this in the same month I got the Juno back in 2002, and programming my first beat on it was just a brilliant moment. Nothing can prepare you for the feel of the bass drum as you put an accent on it and play it through studio monitors. It kind of bends and then dives into this deep analogue thunderous boom. Amazing. I used it more than any of the other machines, mainly because it’s just so failsafe – you get into a studio to mix with a well-recorded 808 and you just can’t go wrong.”