Jack played clarinets and bass clarinet on So Long.

One look at Jack’s smiling face and you have a pretty good measure of the man. A delightful spirit, he is relaxed, positive, and for the purposes of this record, a kickass musician.

Steve: “I met Jack during a tour with Tim Robbins in autumn 2010, when he stepped in to cover for Kate St John playing flute and saxophone. His solos were too hot to touch, but he also showed a remarkable ability to put his sheer technical mastery away in a little box marked “not required right now” when the time came. Fabulous musical decisions just seemed to flow from him. His company during the tour was wonderful, everyone affected by his contagious laugh.

In the time since then, we’ve talked about doing stuff together, had a few great social occasions, and the beginnings of the record were composed while staying in his magical house in the hills of northern Italy. I’m just delighted that finally we’ve done it – his bass clarinet in So Long is exactly the voice we needed.”

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