Jon builds amps and pedals from his workshop down in Crystal Palace. I used his awesome P1 pre-amp on many of the synth basslines to just give them a bit of welly, and a wonderful piece of kit it is too (as well as drop-dead gorgeous… not something you often say about a pedal). His amps have made it to some very prestigious stages – notably the Olympics closing ceremony, as Matt Bellamy from Muse uses a Dickinson Mark II combo amp.

As well as this creative magic that Jon bestows on the world, he also happens to have a phenomenal touch when it comes to maintaining and repairing guitars. I don”t think I have a single guitar I haven”t brought to him at some stage. He truly rescued my Lowden O10 when I thought it was toast… in fact it came back better than it had ever been.

Add to that the fact that he is a lovely smiley fellow, and its always nice to go visit him and Barnaby in the workshop, and I think you get some idea of just how special the mighty Jon Dickinson is.

Jon Dickinson