Juliet sang backing vocals on The Old Town, Time to Fly and So Long.

Steve: “Juliet is a fabulous songwriter and a dear friend. We have had some truly amazing times together since I first met her at Belfast Central station back in 1997. We set off to my hometown of Bangor so I could learn some of her songs for a set at the “Summer Madness” festival in Northern Ireland. She likes to recount how I thought she looked like a “grumpy schoolgirl”. I did think that, but I could see she was ludicrously intelligent as well as being a brilliant songwriter with a beautiful voice… and there was something in her laugh that told me things would work out just fine.

We worked together for years, until finally it seemed a natural time for her to find her own path. I am delighted to say that her amazing song Belfast Central was written about those times, specifically about that moment of farewell as we parted company again at Belfast Central station having met there all those years before. She played that song at our last gig together, as the final encore. I’d never heard it before, and as it became clear what the lyrics were all about, combined with the amazing tune, I just completely lost it and dissolved into an sea of tears in front of the whole place. It was one of the most memorable moments I guess I’ll ever have.

So there you go. We’ve a long old history, and she’s amazing. I’m so delighted that Juliet is on this record. She came up to do The Old Town but ended up singing on three tracks. It was just a lovely afternoon, just like old times.”


Appears on...

Juliet Turner - guest on Ramshackle Crow's album "The Sky Our Cathedral"