This guy is a genius and all-round enigma. Those who know him will tell you that there’s pretty much nothing he can’t do brilliantly. He plays bass & synth in the live band, and also came up with the bassline for Day To Remember

Steve and Lee have shared a design studio for years, and have worked on various design projects together, including a couple of iPhone games – for Simon’s Cat and their own Magic Jar app for kids. Sharing this space, Lee was exposed to the Ramshackle Crow tracks probably earlier than anyone else, and also threatened to come up with some basslines just for fun. Taking him at his word, Steve asked him to come up with something for Day to Remember, which he did – a really lovely musical bassline which Steve ended up recording on the SH-101 synth.

Steve: “Lee used to play bass many moons ago. I’d never heard him play a note, but I just knew he’d be great after what he came up with for Day To Remember. And so it has transpired to be… we’re having a great time in rehearsals.”

Lee Ellis