Leo Abrahams mixed the album and played electric guitar on Writing Home.

Where do you start? This man is a sublime musician, a wonderful producer and above all, a delightful person. His creativity and musicality brought so much to the project – not least providing Steve with the advice he needed to just get on and finish it when it was most required.

Steve: “I usually hate mixing. It’s a period where the music you’ve spent so long creating suddenly becomes white noise, an unbearable sequence of technical issues to deal with. Not so working with Leo. I would just drift up to his studio and we’d sip on some herbal tea concoction or other while working through it almost effortlessly. He was amazing to be around – so calm, yet working with an intense energy and bringing exactly the result I dreamed of.”

Leo’s own music is something special to behold (Scene Memory is one of Steve’s all-time favourite records) and he has a new album coming out soon – not to be missed.


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Leo Abrahams