Stevie J Jones

A bit of a multi-instrumentalist geek, Stevie loves old drum machines and synths, but guitars even more – particularly the old Lowden O10 which he bought off Maurice in 1992. He has recorded and toured with some great musicians and bands, notably French electronica gurus AIR during their Pocket Symphony world tour of 2007.

Stevie J previously released two records – Angels In Drag (2003) and Sayonara Deadweight (2008) as solo projects – Ramshackle Crow is his first true collaboration.

Maurice Macartney

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Maurice was a member of the team of guitar makers in the Lowden Guitar factory, and had a hand in building the very same Lowden that is the heart and soul of this record.

Now living in Newtownards Co. Down, Maurice is an office worker by day, but in his spare time is an occasional song-writer and guitarist, also making podcasts for Belfast-based inter-cultural organisation Beyond Skin, under the heading The Next Village.

Photo by Chris Roberts.

Ramshackle Crow