Steve sang backing vocals on Time to Fly and Day to Remember.

Yep, he is related to Maurice Macartney. Youngest brother in fact.

Steve Jones: “I met Steve Mac when he was 5 years old. He talked to me at length about dinosaurs and astronomy. I realised I wasn’t dealing with your run-of-the-mill kid. I used to love seeing him at the family home as I was visiting his sister, one of my closest mates at that time.

When he was about 11 I remember hearing that he’d taken up guitar. He played something for me and it was just brilliant. I remember just having the knowledge that he was going to go a long way musically, and so indeed it continued right up until now, as he’s doing amazing stuff.”

His band Farriers have made a great album, and his production skills are coming together beautifully with some new work for Juliet Turner.

Appears on...

Steve Macartney - guest on Ramshackle Crow's album "The Sky Our Cathedral"