I put the Sync Gen to work today – locking up 6 drum machines to create the groove for Day To Remember at a nice even 80bpm. Its lovely being able to program the machines in real time using this box.


You just start everything running and put the beats together – hi-hats on the TR-606, kick and clap on the TR-808, kicks and snares on the DMX, snares and tambourine on the Sequential Drumtraks. I added the dry punchy kick of the TR-707 and the TR-909 snare for good measure. Sounding nice. Its just amazing to be able to run them all together without a total car crash of synchronisation. I can’t recommend that unit enough if vintage machines are your thing.

The verse patterns are a very stark, minimal TR-606 pattern which works well with the acoustic guitar groove, amd the chorus just fattens out with subtle use of every machine. Lee Ellis (my design partner at StereoSpark, our little iOS venture) has come up with a beautiful SH-101 bassline for this tune – can’t wait to get it down.