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Some days I wake
but don’t get up
The weight of the morning pins me down
Its rain, rain, rain
Will the summer never come?
Did we break the weather?
Or is it just lazy clouds that
don’t want to leave this town?

Then something clicks
I don’t know what it is
A trace of some beauty in the sky
The sun peeps through
and for a fleeting moment
everything seems perfect
I know that if I jump off
this building I will fly… ‘cos

Yeah, I know its going to be
our day to remember
and I know its going to be
a day we won’t forget

The morning drifts
my workday thoughts
Drown in a thousand cups of tea
Same old, same old…
My carbon copy life
seems so ordinary
Sliding by in monochrome
A silent movie scene

Then something clicks
I know just what it is
A trace of the colour in your smile
I lose myself
And for a fleeting moment
Everything is perfect
I know that we are superheroes
We’re never going to die

I know its going to be
our day to remember
and I know its going to be
a day we won’t forget

Look, up ahead
The traffic lights all changing
We’re going to make that flight
Look, up above
The stars across the sky
are spelling out our names

I know its going to be
our day to remember
and I know its going to be
a day we won’t forget

The summer of 2012 in London started about as miserably as it could possibly be. Endless rain, relentless grey, damp weather was making everyone feel a bit down to say the least. Add to that the fact that our house was getting renovated and was clad with the extra shadows and darkness of scaffolding around all the walls and windows and it made for a fairly grim July.

But there was of course a day when the sun finally showed up… and I’ll not forget it. Just that shimmer of brightness in the sky that felt like magic. I half expected a Monty Python style God to boom out some crazy phrase to the tune of angelic singing, but no. I just put the kettle on instead. I felt like anything was possible, invincible, optimistic.

Thus this simple little song was born.

I asked Steve Macartney to come up with some backing vocal ideas, which he did with utter ease. He played them to me on his phone in The Rabbit Rooms, Bangor when I was back for a few days – I sat there grinning like a dolphin listening to the magic.

Lee Ellis came up with some lovely ideas for the bassline, and while he didn’t get to play the lines in the end due to all manner of mayhem – not to mention the SH-101 going strangely out of tune and not being fit for anyone except me to struggle with – he is due pretty much all the credit for the part.

This song got its first public airing in the nicest possible way – during the signing of the register for the wedding of my friends Stuart and Katy. It was lovely to be a part of their day to remember, and to watch three little girls step up on to the pulpit and start dancing to the track like their lives depended on it.

Written by Steve Jones and Maurice Macartney

Performed & Produced by Steve Jones

Mixed by Leo Abrahams

Steve Macartney
Backing vocals
Lee Ellis

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