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Two doors down from the Hound and Fleece,
family snaps on the mantelpiece.
So long.

Grandad clears his cups away.
He mostly dines alone these days.
So long.

Forty five years on the factory floor,
they don’t make ’em like that no more.
So long.

So it’s one for the money and two for the dole.
The cat’s got his hooks in the goldfish bowl.
So long.

Johnny isn’t praying, it’s after dark…
He’s sitting with his girl in the children’s park.
So long.

Johnny hurries home – he knows it’s a sin,
and God’s waiting up with a rolling pin.
So long.

The groom’s hair is slick but his hands are a mess,
the bride has stained her wedding dress.
So long.

In the name of the father all the guests drink wine
and leave before it’s closing time.
So long.

The old man is singing as he rolls on home…
the dogs sing along as they gnaw on his bones.
So long.

Take this left,
I’ve got a good feeling…
I just saw a ramshackle crow
heading North for the evening…

This song has been around a long, long time. Maurice wrote the music to it when he was 17 I believe.

Here is an original demo from who-knows-when. Apologies for the quality but at least you can see what Steve’s production/chorus tweaks and Maurice’s refrain brought to the proceedings.

Written by Maurice Macartney & Steve Jones

Performed & produced by Steve Jones

Maurice Macartney
Crow vocal, playout acoustic & guitar solo
Jez Wiles
Vibes and percussion
Jack Pinter
Bass clarinet
Juliet Turner
Backing vocals

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