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I woke up on Monday
Ten years from the schoolyard.

I woke up on Tuesday
Twenty years from home.

I woke up on Wednesday
On my Golden Anniversary.

I woke up on Thursday
All alone.

But now it is Friday
and the weekend is coming.

On Saturday I’ll go out
on the town

And on Sunday I’ll be dressed
In my finest apparel.

On Sunday I believe
I’ll settle down.

Yes on Sunday I’ll finally
settle down.

Maurice just posted the lyrics to this on our “writeboard” on 30th October 2012 with the tempting comment:

See if this sparks any ideas.

Needless to say, it did. I sat down with the lyrics and ten minutes later the demo version was done – and nothing has changed. I knew it should stay very simple and be the last track on the record.

‘The lyrics came very quickly for this one’, says Maurice. ‘In fact, it was all written as I sat in the audience at an Andy Sheppard gig in Belfast! No reflection on Andy – it was a wonderful gig – but the first line just popped into my head, and I knew if I didn’t write it down it would disappear. Then the rest just suggested itself’.

Written by Maurice Macartney & Steve Jones

Performed & produced by Steve Jones

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