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All around the cold
the endless cold starts to bite.
All around the dark
the dreamless dark seals the night.
Yet the day returns…
The day returns to bring the light.

Angel it is raining,
but tomorrow’s sun is in your sky.
Angel you are falling,
but now it’s time to fly, time to fly.

Look around you now…
you can see the places the wind has blown.
You have felt the chill,
a chill that reaches in to find the bone.
Yet you have to know,
you need to know you’re not alone


You’ve got to take a step back sometimes
just to advance.
Turn the broken moment,
the accidental stumble into dance
Time to take it all,
time to take it all as your chance.


Written by Steve Jones & Maurice Macartney

Performed & produced by Steve Jones

Juliet Turner
Backing vocals
Steve Macartney
Backing vocals

Mixed by Leo Abrahams

Mastered by Mandy Parnell

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