I’ve just finished a fun production session on Jumping Ship. It’s all been a bit manic with the holidays, but we’re all set now, so I had time to do some recording tonight.

Actually, as I type this I am getting a weird feeling because I had grand plans of doing loads of recording “over the holidays” but am looking at my computer’s calendar and it tells me it is officially Christmas Eve. And since we’re going to Belgium to visit friends on Boxing Day, that means I’ve got later today, the 30th and a couple of days in early January to do everything I want to do. Doesn’t seem quite so much time all of sudden!


Anyway, tonight’s journey across the sonic swamp involved synchronising the arpeggiators in the Juno-60 to the tempo of the song. This involves connecting the computer to the Sync Gen Pro which in turn drives the TR-808 drum machine which is then connected up to the arpeggio clock input on the Juno. When you press start on Logic and hold down a few notes on the Juno with the arpeggiator turned on, lo and behold, it’s all beautifully in time. Instant Vangelis.

I was really looking for something high and sparkly to bring the bridges and choruses to life, and this has done the job nicely.

Speaking of Vangelis, here is the master at work: