I’ve known Jez for quite a while now. We met during a fantastic time when Leo Abrahams and I were doing our looping gigs together. I enjoyed his playing very much, and even more so his laid-back personality and style. We’ve worked together on a few things since – notably doing “Fat Girl Gets A Haircut” in the Roundhouse in 2011 with Jules Maxwell and Gabi Froden (aka. Foreign Slippers).

For this record, it seemed right to bring Jez in for a bit of vibes and Brazilian percussion. We had an enjoyable session on an otherwise unremarkable Tuesday morning, when Mani, the little kid upstairs went out for his morning walk giving Jez just enough time and silence to nail So Long.

After some deliciously slouchy vibes, Jez slammed together a lovely little multitrack of a “square wheel” Brazilian loop that contrasts beautifully with the drum machines. Its sounding very cool. He literally did it all first take!

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